2017 New Year’s Resolutions

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January 2017 has officially come and gone.  Over the past month, I’ve done some reflecting on 2016.  It was a fantastic year for me musically.  I played some amazing shows (at old and new venues alike), made some solid progress building my recording studio, learned a ton of new tunes, bought a great new Gibson acoustic guitar and made a bunch of awesome new friends along the way.

I’ve survived 3-½ years as a full-time musician.  It’s been a fantastic ride and I feel like I’ve started to entrench myself in the Cleveland music scene.  But as cool as that all is, I know I’m just scratching the surface and need to push hard for a bigger, better 2017.  So I decided to set a list of New Year’s resolutions and goals that you can all see, critique, monitor, laugh at, etc.  Now that this is published on the internets, it’s public record, which will make any failures a public record as well.  I expect you all to hold me accountable!  Take a look and let me know what you think!

  • Finish building my home recording studio (complete by May)
  • Use said studio to produce at least 5 good quality acoustic tunes for your listening pleasure.
  • Publish at least one blog post each week (starting today)
  • Record and publish at least one new video each week (starting in Feb)
  • Begin live streaming shows and studio sessions (starting in Feb)
  • Publish a monthly email newsletter (starting in Feb)
  • Write at least 10 new original songs
  • Learn at least one new cover song each week (ongoing)
  • Book some gigs in FL
  • Book gigs with at least 3 new venues in any of the following geographic markets (Columbus, Cincinnati, CA, IN, IL, KY, PA, MA, MI, NV, NY, TN & TX)
  • Improve my guitar chops by 14.3% and knowledge of music theory by 16.5%
  • Launch the Bridge Project (a super double top secret music project – more news to come on a need to know basis)
  • Refine my foot percussion rig (add 1 new instrument, refine designs of existing instruments, develop a smaller rig up for travel purposes)

Thanks, and have a great and prosperous 2017!!!

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