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Beginning in the mid 90's Chad Hoffman led several successful Columbus, Ohio based bands including Aunt Dick, Marblehead and Orchard. In 2001, Chad released his first studio recording, the acclaimed Marblehead EP, "Secrets Locked Away." In 2003, he began focusing on his career as a solo-acoustic musician. He has since honed his skills as a songwriter, while developing an impressive catalogue of classic and modern cover songs which he performs with a fresh new spin. In late 2006, Chad moved to Rochester Hills, MI, just outside of Motown. Shortly after this transition, he began recording his first solo album and amassing a large following in his new home.  This first solo album was released in September 2010.
Chad Hoffman is a soulful, solo-acoustic singer/songwriter based in Northern Ohio. Chad is a passionate live performer whether he is playing his own material or reinterpreting cover songs. His original works conjure sounds of his many influences including Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd, the Eagles, Pearl Jam, Beck, Radiohead and Ben Harper.